HBG is a “Design-Manufacture-Build Firm.” We offer these three services as an all-inclusive, turnkey package for developers, or can customize services to match needs as well.




Our Pre-Construction services include the development of all architectural and engineering drawings, using our ASTM structural-steel system. This guarantees the most cost-effective and intuitive installation of a project. HBG can also re-adapt existing plans or become the lead-consultant to ensure designs can make the most of modular.



In our massive HCD-Approved overseas factory, buildings are constructed under the scrutiny of US state inspectors and quality control. Buildings are then shipped over the sea and to the site, where HBG or another general contractor will crane the modules into place. The factory schedule is optimized for speed without sacrificing quality, producing precise structures down to fractions of an inch.



Because most of the work is done on the front-end at our factory, (windows, drywall, tiling, bathrooms, etc.), site-work is unobtrusive, intuitive, and quick. Inspectors on-site from the local housing authority will check the utility connections, but have no jurisdiction over the modular components already inspected at the factory.

<p>Everyone deserves a beautifully designed, quality-built home that makes them feel secure.</p> - by Max Azria, CEO

Everyone deserves a beautifully designed, quality-built home that makes them feel secure.

by Max Azria, CEO


From raw steel, to steel frame, to living room—every module has its own story. They are inspected each step of the way down the factory line, and rejected if they do not meet the highest US standards for construction. HBG prides itself on this unrivaled attention to detail, the ability to finish projects faster than traditional construction, and the ability to provide it all at an affordable cost.

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Hope on Alvarado – L.A.’s first shipping container complex for the homeless

Post Online Media

October 4, 2018

The building, west of downtown in the Westlake District of Los Angeles (166 S. Alvarado Street), is moving quickly through the development process and is slated to begin a six-month construction period in the first part of 2018.

The accelerated construction is due to a unique design incorporating shipping containers as a primary building material...